Smart solutions


Intelligent shading technology takes care of cooling the room in the summer, while maximizing heat from the sunshine in the winter.


Creating the ideal atmosphere can be a tough task. Smart lighting makes it easy by allowing you to adjust the color and brightness with the push of a button!

Air conditioning

Do you want to use energy in your home efficiently? Loxone will help achieve just that with its all encompassing HVAC control system!


Multiroom audio allows you to listen to a wide range of music in different rooms of your home and to have your music follow you as you move between rooms.


The Loxone Miniserver is here to help you save thousands of crowns a year by optimizing energy consumption in your home.


Don’t waste money on expensive alarm equipment when you have Loxone. Existing components in your home combine to create a fully integrated alarm system that will reliably alert you to any danger.


Want to adjust your sauna to perfectly suit your preferences? Loxone offers you the ability to set the temperature, humidity, and aroma so you can do just that.


For your home or business, using the Loxone electric lock and key settings of the control access system is easy, convenient, and secure.


Want to control home appliances such as blinds, heating, and your security alarm remotely? With Loxone, nothing is impossible!


With Loxone you can easily monitor your home’s electricity consumption and production, all from your smartphone. Ideal for server rooms, cold stores, offices and flats.

Controls everything