About us

TechDot.cz is a young, dynamic, fast growing company providing competely integrated services in building intelligent homes, from the preparation of the projects to their final implementation.
Our full smart home solution relieves you from worries about safe living, energy savings, and much more, all connected so as to allow absolute ease of operation.

TechDot has been one of the first on the market that supplies full scale of technologies and equipment (lighting control, shading technology, heating control, air conditioning, security system, audiovisual equipment, home appliances, garden and swimming pool technology, etc.), which are then built into your home by our forty specialists, who worked together with sophisticated synergy. The advantage of a full package delivery of an intelligent home is the significant comfort that it provides, which, once up and running – is appreciated as a great benefit also by developers with whom we work, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.     

Techdot = no talk, just action in creating an intelligent home.


  • Adjust your lighting atmosphere with a single touch
  • Stay in control, even from afar
  • Play your favorite tunes in every room
  • Keep the doors to your home secure
  • Have movie night every night
  • Sunlight and shade at all the right times

Energy Savings

  • Use self-produced energy
  • Easily switch off power-hungry standby units
  • Save with automated feedback control
  • Your ideal temperature in every room
  • Intelligent blind control
  • Centralized light switch


  • Child safety lock
  • Automatic lighting at every turn
  • Intelligent security system
  • Personalized temperature in every room
  • Built for change
  • ‘Goodnight’ at the touch of a button


  • Control at your fingertips
  • Defend against intruders
  • Automated home security
  • Easy and quick access to information on your phone
  • Simulate home presence while away on holiday
  • Original infrastructure – Added functionality


  • Higher costs? Yes, but WORTH IT!
  • Advantage? High energy savings
  • Quick and lasting return on your investment
  • Safety and peace of mind for your family? Priceless!